Free Download CDレコ Latest Version

Free Download CDレコ Latest Version

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=====◆◇ CDレコの主な機能(Ver. ◇◆=====
◆Twitter投稿機能 ※Ver.以上のみ ※1
・CD取り込み先にSDカードを選択可能になりました ※ただしAndroid4.4は非対応
・IODATAへのお問い合わせが簡単にできる「お問い合わせ」機能 ※1
・歌詞をお友達と共有できる「歌いまっし」機能 ※1
・再生ランキング機能 ※1
・アーティスト情報、アルバム情報の表示機能 ※1
・アーティスト名、アルバム名など曲情報自動取得機能 ※1
・曲再生時の歌詞表示機能 ※1
・録音/音楽用CD-R/CD-RWへの書き出し機能 ※2
・取り込んだ曲のNAS(ネットワークHDD)保存に対応 ※1
・DVDメディアへのバックアップ機能 ※2

※1 インターネット接続環境が必要です。
※2 接続方法は機種によって異なります。
Gracenote、Gracenote ロゴとロゴタイプ、“Powered by Gracenote” ロゴ、Gracenote MusicID は、米国およびその他の国における Gracenote Inc. の登録商標または商標です。
==== 対応ディスクドライブ ====
株式会社 アイ・オー・データ機器
The “CD recorder”, a smartphone or tablet and IO Data Device made of drive
Connect with the supplied cable or Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi compatible models only),
Smartphone you are using a music CD without using a computer, it is an application that can capture directly to the tablet.

===== ◆ ◇ The main function of the CD recorder (Ver. ◇ ◆ =====
Twitter posting function ※ Ver. more ◆ only ※ 1
• The CD scratch now the SD card can be selected ※ However Android4.4 is not supported
Album can be selected display of the order from the two types (album name order, Release Date order)
· Contacting IODATA can be easily “Contact Us” function ※ 1
· Lyrics can share with your friends “sing youngest child” function ※ 1
And playback ranking function ※ 1
Artist information, and the display functions of this album information ※ 1
Artist name, song information automatic acquisition functions, such as album name ※ 1
· Song playback lyrics display function of ※ 1
· Songs in Android devices captured in addition to the CD recorder can also play
· Recording / Music for the CD-R / export feature of the CD-RW ※ 2
• The imported songs of NAS corresponding to the (network HDD) storage ※ 1
Backup function to DVD media ※ 2

※ requires one Internet connection environment.
※ 2 connection method varies depending on the model.
※ the use of the CD booklet features you need to make the setting of user information within the app.
※ You need an Internet connection environment.
※ features that are installed in this application is stopped without prior notice, there is a thing to end.
Please check the software Terms and Conditions at the time of application start for more information.
————————————————– —-
※ Notes on copyright
Music that has been recorded in the music CD is protected by copyright law, duplication has been limited to a range of private use.
Because if you use more than this and is copyright infringement, please use caution.
Or a fee from the audience, or for the purpose of profit, the act of reproducing the music to the public, it will be in violation of copyright law, please use caution.
Notes ※ music CD capture
If in such general music CD that was backed up to the CD-R or CD-RW, and detecting the signal of the continuous copy protection system (SCMS),
You can not tune the incorporation of the music CD by the copyright protection laws.
For ※ copyright collective number
Please refer to the following URL.
Gracenote, Gracenote logo and logotype, “Powered by Gracenote” logo, Gracenote MusicID are registered trademarks or trademarks of Gracenote Inc. in the United States and other countries.
==== corresponding disk drive ====
IO Data Device made disk drive (*)
* For compatible models, please visit the following support page.
================================================== ====
IO Data Device, Inc.
2018.12.25 Ver4.1.1.1

2018.12.17 Ver4.1.0.2

App Information of CDレコ

App Name CDレコ
Package Name jp.iodata.cdreco
Rating ( 1535 )
Size 41.1 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Updated 2018-12-27
Installs 100,000+

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