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影视综艺 — 《延禧攻略》中有哪些值得深究的细节?
体育赛事 — 如何看待雅加达亚运会颁奖仪式上孙杨要求重新升中国国旗这一行为?
数码科技 — 有哪些堪称「神器」,却鲜为人知的软件/网站/互联网服务?

谭卓的回答 — 吵架有何技巧?
黄渤的回答 — 《一出好戏》中出现多次绿蜥蜴镜头有何用意?
李银河的文章 — 人怎样才能生活得快乐?

无论是工作学习中遇到的问题,还是闲暇生活中面临的困扰,所有疑问都能在知乎找到可被赖的答案。汇聚中文互联网最认真的知识分享者,认真的人在认真地回答。7 年时间累计超过100000000 个回答。在知乎,你能看到:
教育 — 考研院校有哪些黑名单或者性价比极低的院校?
健康 — 能不能天天洗头发?吹风机对头发伤害大吗?
心理 — 男生和女生有哪些常见的思维差异?

畅销知乎 Live:《周国平:孤独对于生命有何价值》、《诺贝尔经济学奖得主:特朗普上台,中国该往何处去》

如有任何问题或建议,可发送邮件至 [email protected],知乎的工程师不会漏掉任何一条反馈哟~
There is a problem, I know. The Chief Counselor of “Chinese Restaurant” is aware of the various problems encountered in your life.

[chasing hot]
Hot events discuss gathering places, covering social events, film and television variety, science and technology, sports events and many other fields, allowing you to see the essence through news. Knowing that the discussion is taking place, the impact is happening. Knowing, you can see:
Film Variety – What are the details of the “Legend Raiders” worthy of further study?
Sports Events – How do you view Sun Yang’s request to re-raise the Chinese flag at the awards ceremony of the Asian Games in Jakarta?
Digital Technology – What are the little-known software/website/internet services that are called “artifacts”?

[see point of view]
I know that I have gathered experts from various fields and practitioners from various industries to discuss and communicate with hundreds of millions of users in the station. Chen Peisi, Huang Wei, Dou Wei, Wan Hao, Lang Lang, Liu Yuran, Ma Boyong, Li Yinhe, Wan Hao, Zhan Jun, Zhang Yi, etc. Have been in the know, share their knowledge, experience and insights with friends. Knowing, you can see:
Tan Zhuo’s answer – what is the skill of quarreling?
Huang Wei’s answer – What is the intention of the green lizard lens in “A Good Play”?
Li Yinhe’s article – How can people live happily?

[find the answer]
Whether it is a problem encountered in work and study, or a problem in leisure life, all questions can be found in the answers that can be relied upon. The most serious knowledge-sharing people in the Chinese Internet are gathered, and serious people are answering them earnestly. Over 7 million responses have been accumulated over 7 years. Knowing, you can see:
Education – What are the blacklists for colleges and universities or the institutions with very low cost performance?
Health — Can you wash your hair every day? Does the hair dryer hurt the hair?
Psychology – What are the common differences in thinking between boys and girls?

[up knowledge]
When you want to acquire structured knowledge, “Knowing the University” takes you into a new world of knowledge.
Big coffee private class: “How to harvest long-lasting and equal intimacy”, “Ma Jiahui said master”, “Li Yinhe: Chinese youth’s sex and marriage”
Best-selling knowledge Live: “Zhou Guoping: What is the value of loneliness for life”, “Nobel laureate in economics: Trump comes to power, where should China go?”
Interpretation of the book: “Ba Yusong Reads the Net of Humanity”, “Ma Jiahui Reads the Old Man and the Sea”

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send an email to [email protected], and the engineer will not miss any feedback~
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