Download Songbook, MusicBook, MP3 Player, MIDI Karaoke Latest Version

Download Songbook, MusicBook, MP3 Player, MIDI Karaoke Latest Version

Description of Songbook, MusicBook, MP3 Player, MIDI Karaoke

*** This app is for hobbyists and professionals a must have!!! ***

Manage and display of texts and notes for musicians (songbook).

Dual MP3 player!

Several repertoires possible (e.g. Entertainer, Duo, Band).

One of the outstanding features is the scrolling pixel by pixel of the displayed song according to the song play time – if the song text is longer than the display height. Therefore no manual flip of the text is necessary!

With the integrated word processing you can create and edit texts (lyrics). The text will be stored together with the song. While creating or editing a song you can import a text file (*.txt), a RTF file (*.rtf) or lyrics from a Midi file (*.mid) which can be edited with the integrated word processor.

With the integrated camera you can take of pictures from texts or notes, which will be used in MusicBook.

Create playlists at home. At stage you can work with these playlists – no stress!

Another outstanding feature is the recording funktion: Recording of all movements of the song (Page down, Page up, Start Scroll, Stop Scrolling, manually moving by the finger). After that you can “Play” the recorded song which all movements at the correct time.

For each song, Midi commands can be stored, which will be fired via USB midi interface at changing to page “Display song”. So you can e.g. switch the registration on a connected keyboard.

Midi control: Page down, Page up with incoming Midi commands. You can connect Midi pedals via USB Midi interface. Integrated Midi Monitor, where you can see the incoming Midi events. This is good for installation and checking of the connected Midi devices.

Create Midi commands to select registration or songbook via Midi for Ketron Audya, SD7/SD9, Yamaha Tyros or Korg PA..X

Create “Dummy” Midi files for Yamaha Tyros to select a song in MusicBook when change the registration on the keyboard.

Several tablets can be connected via Wifi. One device must be the server (e.g. the bandleader). This device is used as hotspot. No router is required on stage! The other tablets will be connected to the server as clients. The server synchronizes the song number on all connected client tablets. The server also sends commands for Page down, Page up, Start Scroll, Stop Scrolling, manually moving by the finger. The clients can perform these commands – if this function is choosen in their settings.

Modify midi files, so that when playing on the keyboard control commands are sent to MusicBook via a connected MIDI cable. With these control commands, the lyrics in the midi file and the chords (Yamaha XF only) can be displayed as a karaoke text in MusicBook.

The songs to be displayed can also be images in PNG or JPG format. If the images reside on a PC, you can transfer them with a special file transfer program. In MusicBook a file transfer module is integrated. For the PC (Windows, Linux or Mac OS) is a FREE file transfer program available for download from:

For each song a MP3 file can be stored which can be played with the dual MP3 player.

Record textmarks and show them at the correct time during plaing. A metronome function is available for recording and also testing while playing.

It is strongly recommended to use an external SD memory card to store the images!

You can download the free documentation in german or english from:

MusicBook is multilingual: German, English, Italian and Polish.

The free app MusicBook is at start time the DEMO. The restrictions are: Maximum 2 repertoires with maximum 10 songs in each repertoire.

Unlocking of MusicBook is done with an one-time in-app purchase. After that there are no restrictions in numbers of repertoires and songs.

For a good display of the songs you should use a tablet with at least 8 inches display size, better will be 10 inches or larger.

For TESTING of course you can use a 5 inches smartphone!
V 1.93: Works with Android 7, 8, 9

App Information of Songbook, MusicBook, MP3 Player, MIDI Karaoke

App Name Songbook, MusicBook, MP3 Player, MIDI Karaoke
Package Name de.wedersoft.musicbook
Version 1.93
Rating ( 12 )
Size 2.2 MB
Requirement Android 3.1+
Updated 2019-01-14
Installs 5,000+

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