Download 降龙群侠传-高自由度放置挂机MUD风格复古怀旧文字江湖游戏  APK Hack Unlimited MOD

Download 降龙群侠传-高自由度放置挂机MUD风格复古怀旧文字江湖游戏 APK Hack Unlimited MOD

Description of 降龙群侠传-高自由度放置挂机MUD风格复古怀旧文字江湖游戏







降龙群侠传- 官方QQ群:484505582
客服邮箱:[email protected]
降龙群侠传- 谷歌LINE客服:nds0083
The game ◆◆ ◆◆
Dragon Heroes, is the first in a sandbox play dominated the political arena for the high degree of freedom martial arts background inspirational story of the game. Research direction of many within the game, the player the ability to develop their favorite martial arts-based characters can be. Each type has a special martial arts systems such as the growth of martial arts fist palm lines, allowing the enemy poisoning, seal point. NPC game map and randomly generated maze map, a large number of unknown mysterious map waiting for you to explore.

Game Features ◆◆ ◆◆
(1) a high degree of freedom
Senior any martial arts you practice, you run any random map, either you brush sturdy BOSS, the best equipment you pick up any

(2) is placed on-hook
Eliminating a key to hang up all kinds of tedious tasks, tedious activity

(3) ultra-playable
Mix and match hundreds of martial arts, hidden BOSS, waiting for you to explore the hidden map

(4) single retro
MUD style retro nostalgia word quack game, no network can also be a normal game Oh

(5) permanently updated
Martial system, collection system, build system, card system hang, create their own martial arts system, more fun content will gradually open in subsequent editions

Contact us ◆◆ ◆◆
Dragon Heroes – Official QQ group: 484 505 582
            Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Dragon Heroes – Google LINE Customer Service: nds0083

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