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Lip still wanted her ass, but in a very different way. Mandy gives her a choice: she can pack all the things she can in the next 15 minutes and go, or wait for the Milkoviches to reach the magic number of six feet and go in the hole. Sadly, it sets up a far less characteristic screw-up involving cocaine and Liam that is less shameless and more tragic…. It is sick, underhanded, and somehow a completely cathartic moment. At least, that is what Frank tells the hospital before hanging up.

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Fiona and S-immy were back together for their last feel-good episode, Frank was actually behaving himself for the most part, and Carl killed a bald eagle!

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The Top 12 Most Shameless Moments

When Miss Thing opens her door one chilly evening, she meets a chipper Mandy, smiling as the big bros are four feet deep in a freshly dug hole in the garden. When diagnosed with cancer, most people would do anything to survive the harrowing fight. For this family that means realizing that:. So, Mandy must have really loved Lip, because she did it twice.

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