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You know indigo that porn video where you dress up as a clown you put up really is fitting. When we all know you're just upset you got caught being a racist piece of shit. While they dated she constantly reblogged his poetry and other philosophical thoughts. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Edited 31 Oct by effinthechat.

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I can't find her tumblr and maybe it's because I've never used it before but I can't find anything on that.

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Btw I know you're lacking in ideas but I can't believer you ripped off invadernoodles of all people she is the snowflake that did mcdonalds porn first. That's when she called him out for being a wannabe philosopher and just generally thinking he was the smartest little snowflake in the world who was constantly having "amazing" thoughts and writing poetry. Indigo banned from manyvids for using the n word on her discord several times; the screenshot is just one example : Hidden Content Belle Delphine Drama Apparently Indigo has some serious issues with Belle Delphine.

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