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Tien then attempts to give 16 and 18 time to escape by using several attacks to stall Cell. As the fight between Cell and Vegeta continues, the pressure falls on Gohan as he trains in the Time Chamber with Goku in an attempt to become a Super Saiyan. Realizing this threat, Kami decides to fuse with Piccolo, but will their combined power be enough to handle whatever is going on down there? What Lies Below the Laboratory!? But that's not the only secret the creature reveals. With more people absorbed, Cell has become more powerful than both Piccolo and 17 combined. As he prepares to launch it, he challenges Cell to stay right where he is and take on his attack.

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He launches it, and it proves very effective, demolishing Cell's right arm, and a large portion of the right side of his torso.

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Watching from the sidelines, Trunks recalls the intense time he spent training with his father in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Upon their arriving however, Trunks informs them that Cell refuses to defeat him, but rather, plans to revive the World Martial Arts Tournament for a real challenge: he wants to fight anyone on Earth who thinks they have the strength to defeat him once and for all before he destroys it. Vegeta, anxious to test his new power, heads towards Cell's whereabouts and transforms to Super Saiyan.

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