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Massage means working and acting on the body with pressure, holds, and causing movement to the body. Ah, maybe not scared to death but I was very nervous. If your intention is to get over some blockages and traumas - they are all okey. Do we even know everything about our own vaginas? It was about a 2,5 hour experience where it started with a normal full body massage, to warm up the joints and stretch your body. It was like my brain was filled with fluffy clouds, and this sensation stayed with me for days. If your intention is to step out of your comfort zone.

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Nylah. Age: 23.
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We sat down and talked about it before, he explained in details what was going to happen and that there was nothing to be afraid of.

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Nyla. Age: 27.
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But it was a mind blowing first experience. It opens up the whole body to the sensation of energy, pleasure and the deep forms of orgasm. It is more like they are a vehicle channeling higher forces of bliss for you to just follow the wave in yourself. The goal is not to create an orgasm, but it can be the outcome of massaging a specific spot.

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