Fleet enema tumblr

fleet enema tumblr
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What does all our anxiety about douching say about gay culture? Yep, your worst fears are true: the constant pushing required to expel all of that water-logged poop can blow out the anal sphincters that keep it in, causing irreparable harm that can mess up bowel movements down the road. You can lengthen your colon, and that can lead to constipation later in life," he said. That's because, contrary to what your gay best friend or some insufferable YouTube personality told you, you don't truly need to clean out before riding the baloney pony all night long. Goldstone points out that douching too often can lead to other, long-lasting problems, too.

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Makenna. Age: 30.
fleet enema tumblr

Goldstein told me, stool resides in the sigmoid colon, the part of the large intestine closest to the rectum and anus.

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Evalyn. Age: 26.
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Gay Guys: You're Douching Wrong

Both doctors said that any butt should be ready to rumble with a moment's notice. Try adding fiber for bulkier stools, which can be found in leafy green vegetables and other fiber-rich foods. If there is, think about refining your diet or using supplements.

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