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milk squirting
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Breastfeeding Problem Solver. What causes my breasts to leak? Leaking is most likely to happen in the morning when milk supply is at its peak and during feedings when one side leaks while the baby is nursing from the other side. Some women continue to leak for as long as they're nursing, but many find that the problem goes away once their baby gets the hang of breastfeeding — usually within the first six to 10 weeks. How long will my breasts keep leaking?

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milk squirting

Dress for leaks and pack extras.

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Breasts leaking or spraying milk

In the meantime, remember that your leaking breasts are a sign of your body's efficiency making milk for your baby. Oxytocin also causes the contractions felt during orgasm, so your breasts also may leak or spray milk during sex. Yes, some nursing moms leak or spray milk from their breasts, especially when their breasts are full.

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