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I actually believe you'd like to watch him deteriorate as you flourish with the cocks that do it to him. You might care for him a bit, but you should set those feelings aside immediately. This guy was so rough and his dick game was on point. Do it mercilessly and as much as you want. I love the idea of you having your stud cum in your boyfriends mouthwash and on his dinner you make him.

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Faith. Age: 25.
cheating gf on tumblr

How do I donate to your gorgeously evil ass??

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Adalyn. Age: 26.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I want his life to collapse around him as I get fucked by better, more deserving men behind his back. Go to clubs and parties as much as possible, completely decked out with makeup, heels and a tight, revealing dress. Our anniversary is next week and I know he's sending me flowers and spending what little free time he has for me telling me he loves me over the phone.

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