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What He Said "I really enjoyed watching my girlfriend pleasuring herself - we both found that a bit of mutual masturba on was a great way to get in the mood for an incredible sex session. I loved the feeling of extra depth with her on top as well and as she picked up speed I found that orgasm was also instant. Position 28 - Tug 'o War Instructions Get him to sit cross legged on the bed and then climb on top of him. I also found it a good posi on to try because we were face-to-face so that we could still kiss and be intimate. What She Said "I liked this because it was similar to doggy style- which I know he loves- but much more comfortable as I had the support of the pillows. You can then climb onto his lap and slide him inside. I liked the feeling of having sex while almost upside down- the blood rushing to my head created an incredible sensa on and it was a turn on looking up and seeing nothing but my own breasts.

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Celeste. Age: 32.
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You can then lean back on him for support.

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Aurora. Age: 26.
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Sex Positions Illustrated

While he lies on top of her, he should then go up onto all fours. He can then grab your bu to give you extra support and leverage as you bump and grind discreetly in the pool. Once she is ready, reach down and grab her legs, pulling her bu up to your waist.

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