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But the final decision is up to the judge, so he may be sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail. Naked photos of celebrities leaked. From the topic Entertainment. Google 'deletes' celeb nude pics. They worked out the celebrities' Apple iCloud log-in details and also sent phishing emails to their Gmail accounts. Sometimes he also used software to download pictures and other content from their Apple iCloud accounts. All the FBI has said is that Collins's arrest is linked to an ongoing investigation, so there might be more information coming out in the future.

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The full list of celebrities is too long to go through in full.

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The US attorney's office says Collins used a phishing scheme where he sent e-mails to celebrities that looked like they were from Apple or Google. There aren't that many pictures of him left on the internet, interestingly. It appears that he's deleted his Facebook and other social profiles.

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