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Drew: I actually started watching after the first season was on Netflix. Of course it also matters that a show this unapologetically proud of its Latinidad was also unapologetically queer. I think of it as an unnecessary death done out of narrative laziness. She never lost track of the control freak that she was, but she began letting us in and pulling back her layers. I agree with everything Kayla said. Carmen: Truly the greatest, gayest show that about a heterosexual romance of our time. I lapsed in my near religious watching of JtV and have been putting off the last season because I need all my emotional energy for life things right now.

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And speaking of first times, when did you start watching Jane the Virgin?

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I genuinely believe they loved each other and that shifts their queerness away from simply being a means of othering. I did read Petra as queer, mostly because I was one of those original recipe Jetra folks who was convinced Petra was in love with Jane Villanueva. Thank you Liz for explaining the detective work! And also probably some of the men.

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