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longest labia in the world
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There was a guy I was sexting with a while back, who asked me for photos of my vagina, after he'd sent me photos of him. I took one look at them, and just sat there crying because of how disgusting I thought it looked and ended up deleting everything. Add that onto the fact that almost no porn shows them, and you feel kinda like a freak. I was terrified of letting anyone see them. The topic came up in a recent thread on Reddit , when people who would describe themselves as having large labia were asked how they feel about them, and whether they're self conscious about how they look. Should you be wearing a Coronavirus mask?

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Kennedi. Age: 28.
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There's a shortage of some contraceptive pills.

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Alina. Age: 25.
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Women with self-declared 'large labia' share how they feel about their vaginas

I said no initially, but then I did actually go and take a bunch of photos and videos for him, because I thought it would be fun and sexy, and I liked him. No part of a woman's body is exempt from unrealistically high standards - and that includes the vagina. This 14 day workout plan is completely free. Should you be wearing a Coronavirus mask?

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