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Kinda hot sometimes when it's guys. Scene kids who are straight edge will wear a bandana in their hair, the others will wear one around their neck, or sometimes tied to their pocket or bag; however, many non-straight edge scene kids will still wear a bandana in their hair. Scene kids are usually very picky about who they talk to and associate with. False eyelashes are not that uncommon too. A monroe piercing is common too, as well as a septum piercing or a side nose ring. They have a "dont fuck with me" kinda attitude and admit to being shallow and arrogant and always claim to not give a shit of what people think of them when really thats all they care about.

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Ember. Age: 20.
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Local shows are one of the most important parts of being a scene kid, that's why they're called 'scene' kids.

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Sawyer. Age: 26.
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Some also do not like to be called scene, or labeled at all. Photography is a big thing in a scene kids world. The bands that once had been really obscure and previously unheard of are now popular names. They usually listen to bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic!

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