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Whatever you end up doing, the goal is not to get the other person to eventually cave in to your desires, Kort says. So if you're worried about cleanliness or smell fair , both McBride and Kort recommend showering ahead of time. I know, I know, dental dams don't exactly scream sexy First, he says, "The person who's getting the rim job should stay stationary, and the person giving it should experiment with how much they want to do, how little, and how deep they want their tongue to go in. Here's everything you need to know before you and your partner go down that hole pun intended :. In fact, she encourages people not to "shy away from that kind of an exploration because it can be very pleasurable.

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However you decide to suds up, McBride advises "washing gently with warm water and soap.

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To make things less risky, she recommends using a dental dam. Sex is often more than just a physical experience. In case you don't: UTIs galore. ICYDK, dental dams are a thin square, typically made of latex, that you put over genitalia, tush included.

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