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Yeah, it's nice to spend time with Margot Robbie's mafiosa once in a while, but how fun to watch Harley be a cartoon character in the truest sense of those words. Initially intended to be a brief walk-on role for Arleen Sorkin, an old friend of series creator Paul Dini's, Harley Quinn took on a life of her own from the first frame of her appearance in "Joker's Favor. She chases down enormous, cybernetically-empowered chimps! They're often the order of the day. Only one season was ever produced of the series, after its impressive premiere numbers gave way to a steep decline in viewership.

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This Harley might be made of plastic, but she's all heart.

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Drawn to Comics: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Finally Have Their First In-Canon, Main-Universe Kiss!

She's more diva than doctor, accurately analyzed by an in-universe Dr. How might the foiling of that domestic bliss have led to the stout, cardigan-wearing grandma we glimpse at the end of the movie? Voiced by the irrepressible Jenny Slate, the PG-rating allows the character to return to her goofier roots. But really, that's where the praise has to end, especially when it comes to Harley.

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